Our Strategy

Avenues 12 offers four levels of housing operated by women for women. Our Newcomer, Intermediate, and Advanced Houses meet the needs of beginners while progressing to long term sustainability in our Sober Living Apartments. Our staff works closely with each member as they advance in the four levels of the program.

Our residences are supervised by live-in female managers who emphasize responsibility, accountability, and zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol. We encourage honesty and integrity. Women learn and develop communication and relationship skills in a supportive family environment.

We have a clear understanding of women’s issues, from relationships and reunification with family members, to rebuilding self-esteem and self-respect. We direct our members to utilize outside counseling services with specialized, experienced, and reputable professionals.

We require attendance at 12-step meetings. We are located near several 12-step meetings throughout the day and evenings. Our program is further reinforced through one-on-one and weekly house meetings.

Avenues 12 has made a positive impact in our surrounding communities since our inception in 2009. Our structured residences provide women with an established and respected recovery environment. We have continuing collaborations with a wide variety of external agencies to assist in our organizational effort, including, but not limited to; counseling services, job placement, training programs, and various volunteer services. Avenues 12 is designed to provide recovery residences that help integrate women back into the community and into healthy, functional relationships.