Member Expenses

Weekly Expenses


Please contact our office for information on weekly expenses.

  • Dues are to be paid to management by 6:00 pm each Friday night
  • Advanced payments may be made for dues and/or other charges. These payments are non-refundable
  • The Executive Director will establish a payment schedule should the member fall behind on her financial responsibilities
  • In the event a member falls behind, she will be allowed to keep $30.00 per week until dues are current
  • Member may face termination from Avenues 12 if she fails to fulfill   financial responsibility
  • There will be a $30.00 fee for all returned checks
  • Sober Apartments vary in cost for single and double apartments

Transportation Fees

Within a 10 mile radius.

  • Airport Pickup – $10.00
  • Bus Station Pickup – $10.00