Community Assistance Program

Short Term Assistance for Long Term Results

Our purpose is to provide structured and stable environments for women recovering from the disease of addiction.

We set the highest standards of care to enable personal growth, a foundation of development for long term recovery, and improving the quality of life while becoming a productive member of society.

In 2016, the Volusia/Flagler Coalition for the Homeless-Point in Count Statistics stated the number of sheltered and unsheltered homeless individuals were, 1,005 (“Homeless people” means those living on the street, or staying in emergency housing). The Volusia County Prison operated at 93.5 % of its authorized design capacity in 2015 (authorized capacity of 1,494 while the ADP was 1,390). Being at, or barely falling below, design capacity places a huge strain on staffing and other resources. According to the Volusia County Division of Corrections 2015 annual report, the percentage of female inmates with drug related offenses was 30.4%. Females are beginning to comprise a larger percent of these populations, with an increase in 18.1% between 2010 and 2014.

The Community Assistance Program provides indigent women in our local and surrounding communities with the support necessary to attain a new life, free from the bondage of addiction. This program is specifically designed to provide financial assistance to deserving women during their initial residency at Avenues 12. This will allow women the time needed to begin working a recovery program, get counseling services, find employment, and move towards their future goals in life. When employed, they become responsible for their cost of living expenses.

Our past experiences have demonstrated that indigent women become so overwhelmed, before receiving their first paycheck, that old patterns emerge and they leave before they can experience the benefits of a new life in recovery. The entire process starts over and becomes a vicious cycle. This program alleviates the stress of being in debt before they learn how to be self-sufficient. We want to stop the cycle and provide a solution for women to redevelop into productive members of society again.

Avenues 12 has made a positive impact in our surrounding communities since our inception in 2009. Our structured residences provide women with an established and respected recovery environment. We have continuing collaborations with a wide variety of external agencies to assist in our organizational effort, including, but not limited to: counseling services, job placement, training programs, and various volunteer services.

Women have a safe, structured, and sober environment in which to live. We introduce a new way of living, starting with, simple changes to their activities of daily living while developing a productive routine for life skills. Women begin seeking employment within 24 hours of entry and continue daily until employed. 90% of the women who enter Avenues 12 are employed within the first 2 weeks – 30 days of entry. We require women to fully participate in a 12-step recovery program and to seek professional counseling. Women build solid foundations with individuals in recovery, who are themselves, productive members in the community.

Avenues 12 immediate goal is to accommodate a minimum of five (5) women per month who are considered indigent. Our long-term goals are; expanding our successful recovery program for women; to redirect services towards women’s advancement for long term recovery, and their future aspirations. We continue to strengthen our infrastructure to accommodate our new outreach programs and to remain consistently secure with our program criteria.

To Make a Financial Contribution

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Thank you for your support,

Kay Hayes – Executive Director
Avenues 12 Women’s Recovery Houses