Avenues 12 Race for Recovery!

The disease of alcoholism and substance abuse affects virtually everyone, either directly or indirectly. The emotional and financial strain it puts on families, businesses and communities is enormous. Those who struggle with it find themselves estranged from their loved ones and in the throes of homelessness, depression, chronic illness, and unemployment. There is no cure for this illness; abstinence has been shown to be the only successful means of arresting the progress of the disease.

While alcoholism and addiction continue to grow within the female population, there are very few facilities that focus on assisting women to achieve and maintain sobriety. Avenues 12 Women’s Recovery House is such a place, established to fill the transitional gap between detox or treatment centers and living in the “real world”. Although the success rate is low and this gap is difficult to navigate alone, the women who have already completed their program at Avenues 12 have enjoyed an above average success rate. Avenues 12 is that bridge, providing the support and resources necessary for these women to create a new life and become functioning members of society.

Today, we are asking that the community become involved in helping us help these women who sincerely put forth an effort to change their lives. And by changing their lives, they change the lives of their families and their communities. By establishing the Avenues 12 Race for Recovery we feel that in bringing the community together we can raise awareness and support for these incredible women. Your donation will help ensure that the support, social services, and structure of our program will continue to provide the resources necessary for continued success to women in our community.

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