Craig Piercy, Continuing Care Counselor, Father Martins Ashley

“Working with Mrs. Hayes was always a pleasure. Her flexibility to schedules, her dedication and commitment to out patients and providing a clean, safe home for recovering alcoholics and addicts is highly commendable and appreciated. Mrs. Hayes is an excellent mentor, listener and advisor.”

Darrin Boutote, Department Manager, American Red Cross

“Compassion, a firm resolve during difficult times, and an ability to listen, are all key elements of a successful recovery house manager. Kay exemplifies these characteristics and more.”

Vicki Kress, Prevention Director, Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare

“Kay Hayes has been providing an important service to our community for the last several years. She has been involved in saving the lives of women in our community and providing an important resource to our agency for women in need of recovery from addictions. She has been a pleasure to work with. She is passionate, compassionate, professional and responsible in all the interaction I have had with her in the community. I highly recommend her and the services she has to offer to women.”

Lynn Von Nessen, Voice of the Poor, St. Vincent dePaul Society

“During the Intake process at St. Vincent dePaul Daytona, clients will present various issues that require referral. Kay Hayes has been a great asset to those women requiring a supportive living environment for recovery and re-assessment necessary to take a new direction, and we are grateful to have such a compassionate and helpful resource.”

Harun Karim Thomas, Assistant Professor, Daytona State College

“Kay is an indefatigable champion for a wonderful cause, a generous person, and a kind soul. Despite the obstacles that she has faced, she has never given up. This characteristic serves her well and serves the rest of us as a source of inspiration for all that we do.”

Terri Hinks, REALTOR, Realty Pros Assured

“Kay is an amazing woman who strives to help others. She is a true leader who is able to direct others to greatness exemplified by her success with Avenues 12 in the last three years. After joining the Board at Avenues 12 and working with Kay I have grown personally, and witnessed others growth because of her leading by example. Anyone who works with Kay will see she is a person dedicated to goodness for humanity and her hard work surpasses the most competent of people. I highly recommend to anyone if you have a chance to work with Kay it will enrich your life as well the life of others.”

Deana, Member

“When I came to Avenues 12 I didn’t have any illusions in regard to the extent of my addiction. My fear was that I would never be able to escape the bonds of active addiction and establish normalcy. I began abusing substances at age 5. When my husband of 20 years passed of an overdose my downward spiral progressed at an alarming rate. I ended up on the streets and in and out of institutional settings, including prison. I was simply stumbling along until my treatment center recommended I come to Avenues 12, due to their structured environment and high success rate. Since my arrival I have been on a beautiful journey of self-discovery. Kay has taught me to believe in myself, how to repair the shattered pieces of my life, and given me an opportunity to grow. Because of Kay and Avenues 12 I have found the strength within that was always there and have hope for a better future.”

Maegen, Member

“Avenues 12 and Kay have taught me a great deal of life lessons in a safe environment, that I am able to apply to all aspects of my life. Upon arrival I was given a tremendous opportunity to grow as an independent woman and enlightened me to what I can become. Kay and her staff have become a mother figure for me and shown me tough, yet gentle love along my journey. They have provided me with amazing opportunities that I am so grateful for today. Thanks to Avenues 12, I have begun to build a solid foundation to rebuild my life.”

Meg Irish, Director of Marketing, Stars and Stripes

“I have worked with Kay for several years on several projects, the most fruitful of which has been the Avenues 12 Women’s Recovery House, a 501(c)3 charity she established in 2009. In just two short years, she managed to open two safe, comfortable and beautiful homes that provide transitional housing for up to 24 women at a time. Kay is smart, compassionate, and determined to provide the best possible solution for women in recovery from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs. It is my continuing pleasure to serve on her Board of Directors.”

Kim B, Member

“When I moved into Avenues 12 Recovery House for Women and I was terrified. Avenues 12 is a very structured and supportive living environment. In my first month I had obtained a job, sponsor, home group, and began my process of working the steps of Narcotics Anonymous. I also began rebuilding my relationships with my family and most importantly my relationship with my son.I lived at Avenues 12 for eighteen months, but instead of just living there as a member I began to work there as a residential manager. Once again the gratitude I feel for what Avenues 12 has taught cannot be put into words. This program helped me transition back into the “real world”. I also now have the opportunity to give back what was so freely given to me with the women I work with on a daily basis. I am beginning college this fall and my life is moving forward.”