Deana, Member

“When I came to Avenues 12 I didn’t have any illusions in regard to the extent of my addiction. My fear was that I would never be able to escape the bonds of active addiction and establish normalcy. I began abusing substances at age 5. When my husband of 20 years passed of an overdose my downward spiral progressed at an alarming rate. I ended up on the streets and in and out of institutional settings, including prison. I was simply stumbling along until my treatment center recommended I come to Avenues 12, due to their structured environment and high success rate. Since my arrival I have been on a beautiful journey of self-discovery. Kay has taught me to believe in myself, how to repair the shattered pieces of my life, and given me an opportunity to grow. Because of Kay and Avenues 12 I have found the strength within that was always there and have hope for a better future.”