Rachel H, Member

“I came into Avenue’s 12 as a broken, fragile and insecure girl. I let drugs and alcohol control my life for numerous years and I had no concept of self respect, morals and values, and most of all I lost for myself along the way. Avenues 12 gave me everything back. I learned how to be responsible, accountable, and develop a solid foundation in recovery. Today, I am a good friend, daughter, sister, partner, employee, a woman of integrity and most of all a productive member of society. I have become to love the person I am today and the life I live and without Avenues 12 I wouldn’t be where I am.”

Emily C, Member

“I spent 8 and a half months living at avenues 12 and it became my home. The girls I lived with became my family. I learned how to be honest and not only accept help, but to ask for it. I learned how to respect myself and others and the value of having true friendships. Avenues pushed me; it wasn’t always easy but the rewards are well worth it. I celebrated my first year sober and I have no doubt that it is because I came here and accepted what they had to offer. Avenues saved my life and then taught me how to live it. I an now attending Florida State University.”

Katherine Foster, MSW, LCSW

“I had all but given up hope that my lovely, intelligent 30 year-old daughter could recover from years of heroin addiction, including a suicide attempt and jail time. After a year at Avenues 12 in a structured, supportive environment, I now have a relationship with my daughter. She has been able to maintain her sobriety for the first time, and she is moving on with all aspects of her life in a positive way. I will be forever grateful to Kay and her staff for their guidance and belief that my daughter could succeed. Even though I live in the Northeast, far from Daytona, there is no question in my mind that my daughter could not have found a better program anywhere in the country.”

Emily F, Member

“Prior to coming to Avenues 12, I was homeless, unemployed, in and out of jail, and estranged from my family. I had been in several treatment programs and detoxes, but had never fared well when I got out and was left to my own devices. Avenues 12 allowed me to build a foundation in recovery in a safe and loving environment. The houses became my home and the women surrounding me became my sisters in sobriety. I learned how to build and maintain healthy relationships, set boundaries, become accountable and responsible, and most importantly, grow up. I truly believe being at Avenues 12 saved my life. I now have a huge recovery network, relationships with my family, and excitement for the future.”